Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our Christmas Card

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope this finds you all well this holiday season. We want you all to know that you have been in our prayers and we have missed you all over the past several months we have been out here in the Great West. A lot has happened this year, and we would like to give you a quick update.
We decided to let each other talk about what is going on in our lives, so to talk about Eryn, here is David:
Eryn is beautiful, supportive, Godly, hardworking, and the joy of my life. I know that kind of info is not the normal Christmas letter update, but that is what’s on my mind, so I guess that’s what you get. I’m incredibly in love with her. God is also really blessing her right now and rewarding her for loving me so well. She is very talented, but all the glory goes to God for her successes this year. First, she graduated from pastry school with honors. Second, she got a job within two weeks of graduation (not a small feat in the Fort Collins job market), and has been immediately respected at the bakery for her talents. CafĂ© Columbine and Bakery is a breakfast and lunch place that is just opening up here in town (Dec. 18), and Eryn was one of the first people hired. It’s a great job with good opportunity to move up quickly. Eryn has also made good friends at church (we’re going to Summitview community church), and she has been really blessed to have a Christian support group, especially after moving across the country, away from her friends and family. So basically, God is blessing her in every area and she is seeking to serve Him in every area. That’s pretty much it.
Eryn here:
Don’t expect me to follow that well. I should have typed first. Let me just say that I have an incredibly talented husband. He finished his masters in organic chemistry this year, and moved us out to Colorado in pursuit of working with one of the top synthetic organic chemists in the country if not the world. I am pleased to inform you that he not only got into the group of John Wood (the really good chemist, but he was one of his top choices! But as Maurine said, who wouldn’t pick David! He is an amazing leader of us and I couldn’t have picked a better husband. He also is growing out his hair, to my delight, as I’m sure you can tell from the pictureJ
We have enjoyed having some of you out here to visit. We enjoy Fort Collins very much and love being near the mountains. The town is friendly and the weather is great. So if you haven’t come to see us yet you are missing out on a lot, and we are missing you.
Our new address after January 10th will be 1218 Pomona, Unit AA, Fort Collins, CO 80521.
If you want to see what is going on with us throughout the year, we have a blog: http://www.davidanderynjones.blogspot.com/.

David and Eryn