Monday, November 10, 2008


So I am supposed to be writing a paper right now. I have one paper down, and 1 paper, a presentation, a really long paper, and studying for a midterm to go! This week is a busy one. I feel like I am back in the second grade and I have no idea what the homework assignment is or how to do it and my mom (or, in this case David:) has to help me figure it out. So you know when you got the MLA book in college and it explained exactly how you were supposed to write a research paper? Well I have to write in APA style, and now they seem to think that you are actually smart and they don't give you the 10 different examples of citations so you can figure it out. I have a question about every other minute, so I hand the APA book to David and let him help me figure it out!

Anyways, this post is about CHRISTMAS!!! I have resigned myself to be "that girl" who cannot wait to put up the tree. Last year I put it up early November, and this year I did the same. I decided to dedicate this post to memories through ornaments... enjoy.
Heres the tree...I love my tree, I think my favorite part is the garland...I got almost everything on the tree and the tree itself from a shower by thrown by my good friends Emily, Melissa, Mandi, Kara, and their moms!

This ones for Phil...I mean I'm not really a fan but when he cried at that press conference, I really felt for the man. Isn't this sweet, these ornaments go so well toegther:)

Stockings and decor...

This Willow Creek nativity set was a wedding gift from my dad's secretary, Jennifer- I like how simple it is. It makes me think it's more realistic than other nativity sets with a baby Jesus wrapped in gold and in a tricked out expensive designer manger

Our first Christmas together, David and I decided to start a tradition of picking out one ornament together (when we have kids they will get to pick out one and fight about it in the store:) This is our ornament from that first Christmas we were married.

This ornament I got in London at Harrod's when I went to tour Europe with my friends who did HUF

My old boss, Andrea, gave me this ornament... I like how she is carrying pastries:)

So the first time David met my mom, he said that he wanted to get a motor cycle one day. Strangely my mom seemed to support him! So this year for his birthday, he got this one...

Thanks to Maurine for letting go of this one, a childhood ornament of David's

self explanatory, got it before we got married. Since we got married in Jan, we got some cool ornaments like this one for the Christmas before.

Ok, I gotta mention the info-mercial I am watching while I type this. Has anyone ever heard of the Flavor Wave oven? It looks awesome! It's this plastic portable oven that can sit on your countertop and it cooks stuff thats frozen in HALF the time of your oven, and because of the infrared flavor waves, the food is jucier and tastes better than if you cooked it in your microwave or oven. AND if you act now, it's only $133 instead of $800 normally! Go to to get yours now:)

Actually, seriously, I think I want this thing!

Monday, November 03, 2008

"Old" School

Pardon the pun, but I am older, and I am going to school now. My neighbor took my first day of school pic for me in all the fashion of the olden days-- in front of the door ready to go conquer the world. School is going well. It is a TON of reading, but I enjoy it. Next semester I am going to try to take 15 hours! If anyone has ever gone to grad school- they know that this is a feat... but I want to be done by the time we need to leave Colorado so that my husband doesn't have to move without me!

Please excuse the goofieness... and see my new post below!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall in Colorado

Ok, so I promise that I will be more faithful at posting. We just got the internet, so I'm up and running. Alot has been going on, so I will try to catch you up in one post. Here goes....
First, every year I think about how awesome the leaves look here when fall time comes, but by the time I remember to put my camera in the car, the trees are leaveless! So here are some pics of the fall scenes we have gotten on camera in the past three years....

(Above) This was from the first fall we were here, thought it was worthy of reposting
(Below) These are taken around our neighborhood.

Also, David turned 28 on Halloween. We had a fun party with our neighborhood. We weren't going to dress up, but I had a random last minute idea. (Not a very original one, because I'm sure everybody and their grandma went as a politician.) We went as Sarah Palin and John McCain....I even sported the peep-toe shoes that Sarah wears (although hers are a cute red or maybe black)... I must admit that the girl has got style. Poor David, when he got home I threw him in a suit and proceeded to douse his hair in baby powder and hairspray since he has A TON more hair than John (which we found out that the two DONT turned into this plastery goo on his head and he ended up looking more like Albert Einstein :).

These are my version of "peep toe" shoes :)

Trying to show that my hair looks somewhat like hers, maybe a funkier version

Einstein McCain and Lisa Loeb Palin :)