Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eryn's Highschool Reuinion, September 10-12, 2010

It's hard to believe that I was old enough this fall to have a ten year reunion for high school. It's also didn't really seem like it had been ten whole years....maybe five or six.

Here are my high school friends (me, Kara, Melissa, Emily, and Mandi) at the homecoming game (a game in which we did not watch a single minute of football) was also about 1000 degrees out there that night so excuse the sweatiness :)

I must give my husband some credit for being a trooper this weekend. I was so caught up in seeing/ catching up with everyone that he was left to himself for much of the weekend...thankfully, he got to hang out with the other husbands who were also in the same boat :) He was, however, around in time to take pictures like this one, all of us at the reunion dinner at the Magnolia Room

I had a lot more fun than I had expected and it was so great to get to see people I hadn't talked to in 8, 9, 10 years. It's really neat having a small graduating class. David did not understand why my high school reunion was so important to me (he graduated with 700ish and did not even know that he had a reunion last year!). But after this weekend I think he realized that we all knew each other so well and most of us had been at the same school for a really long time so we were kind of bonded through the years whether we were super close or not.

Also, if you want better insight to just exactly how nerdy we were in high school check out my friend, Mandi's blog post here.....hilariousness.

Stay tuned for our trip to Savannah (Sept 26-30, 2010).....