Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Phil, Chris, and Mandisa

Ever notice how many Christians are on American Idol? It seems like there are a lot more Christians that are getting into the "secular" arts/ music scene.... which I'm all for! Even this year I have speculations on the top 5. Last season there were quite a few as well. So here is a plug for Christians everywhere following in the example of these American Idol contestants........now I know this is at the Dove Awards and that's totally Christian music all the way, but I liked their performances....

Btw-- Phil Stacey's new album is out and is getting pretty good reviews....see itunes:)

Monday, April 28, 2008


David is feeling much better. He is back in the full swing of his school schedule, and yesterday he enjoyed a couple games of croquet and bacci ball (have no idea if I am spelling these things right!). We feel like we are now back in a routine, and we even got good news about the surgery. I should be having surgery by at least the middle of June.... we are having scheduling problems-- so prayers for a cancellation for a slot in the next couple of weeks would be appreciated. I feel like the sooner we get all this over with the better!

Btw-- is anybody else having trouble with virus blog comments? I always get these comments from strange blogger names that I'm sure I don't know them like "jojojohoho"--- and they just leave a "click here" with a link to some crazy virus download I'm sure... I confess one time I clicked on it but then Xed out of the screen really fast.... maybe my computer will blow up someday because of that one fateful click-- oh well!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Malaria, Ruptured Cyst, and Surgery

Needless to say, last night was one of the more eventful nights of our marriage thus far! Background: Wed night David asked me to come pick him up from work because he "wasn't feeling well". He had hot flashes, body aches, and his fever went from 98.0 to 100 in a matter of minutes, and then back down again after a period of much shaking and shivers. It was an interesting experience. So he turns to me and says, "This is exactly what malaria feels like"!!! (For those of you who don't know, David went to Togo, Africa in 2002 and contracted malaria, had about three bouts of it until 2005, and then thought it was gone). So then it was a matter of waiting (the incubation periods are about 48 hours).

So here is how Friday night went........

8:00-- David starts to feel bad again and we think, "Ok, we can make the urgent care clinics and wait for the fever to spike, and they might take us even though they close at 9." So we got in the car and were off.

8:30-- We get to the first urgent care center...... the conversation with the front desk lady goes as follows.....
Lady: "How can we help you?"
David: "Well, I think I have malaria, and I'm not sure if........."
Lady: "Well, do you want to see a doctor?"
David: "Yes"
Lady: "Well we ask that you be here well before 8:30 if you want to see a doctor."
David: "Well, yes, that's the thing....... I know that malaria cannot be diagnosed unless my fever is spiking, and it's not going to spike for a bit now, so I wanted to explain......"
Lady: "Well, I don't know any thing about malaria..... so, do you want to see a doctor?"
David: "Well, yyyeaah"
What David wanted to say: "No, actually, we just wanted to walk in here and explain some stuff... we're gonna go grab some Arby's-- you want any?"
Lady: "Ok, well I need to see some insurance information"
(We hand her the card)
Lady: "Oh, we don't take this insurance anyways so we can't help you"
David: "This is where my health clinic on campus referred me to for after hours care"
Lady: "Oh, yes they refer people here but we don't take their insurance."
What we wanted to say: "Does that not seem a bit silly to you?"
Then we left.......

We went to a second urgent care place, and by this time it was 8:48, and the nurses gave us stares as we walked in (I could feel their eyes saying, "don't come in here and make me stay here past 9!"). But at least after David explained his plight, they were all sympathetic and tried to help, but they had to refer us to the ER. They called the ER to tell them we were on our way.

On the way to the ER..........we decided to stop and get some magazines because we knew we were in for the long haul going to the emergency room. (Meanwhile for the hour prior I had been having bad cramps and backaches). By this point I feel pretty sure--- so I told David, "I think I am having a cyst rupture!" At this point it's pretty funny.....David in the passenger seat wrapped in several layers and a blanket (you get pretty chilly with malaria)....me driving the car contemplating "hydrocodone, or no hydrocodone". We had a good laugh.

We spent about three hours in the ER and the doctor prescribed a general malaria antibiotic, and referred us to an infectious disease doctor in our area to see about it getting fixed for good.

Also, I (hopefully) will be having surgery for endometreosis. We are waiting on insurance to say that it will be covered...... I know you got a medical overload with this blog, sorry! Thanks to all of our fam that prayed for us and keeps praying for us-- we need it!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


David is finished! He did great. They said good things. And he is much more relaxed.

We had a weekend of celebrating. We had free movie tickets and a free burrito, so on Friday we went to Chipotle Burrito and snuck it into the theater and saw 21. Then, on Sat we got free tickets (thanks to my boss) to an Eagles game (Colorado's minor leauge hockey team). It was the play-offs and it was crazy! I had never seen so many fights within three hours. They won 5- 0 and so they are advancing in the playoffs..... I had a lot of fun, but I told David the next time we get a chance to go, he is taking another guy! I mean, did anybody know that if they throw down their gloves the refs just stand back and let them fight until one of them goes down???? It was pretty barbaric-- and to top it off, everyone in row 12 of section P got free Taco Johns thanks to the fight!!!

Here we are at the game.