Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 20, 2012 : Baby Girl turns 5!

Here you are reading your new book you got for your birthday and wearing your Ariel crown- oh how you love princesses. Hopefully soon we can show everybody your beautiful face :)

Our children's birthdays are all right here in a row w/ Mimi's coming up in a couple weeks too! This post is about our favorite now five year old. So wierd to say I have a five year old!!!

Oh, Baby Girl! Or Butterfly, or Begee (BG) as Daddy sometimes calls you :) But you don't really call us Mommy and Daddy any more- just Mom and Dad. So grown up!

Here are some funny things you have done lately:
  • It's sometimes hard for you to parrot back a new word to us- like one that you haven't heard before. So the other night when we first had tahini on some chicken you asked what it was. I said, "tahini." Then you said something that sounded similar. We worked on it for a while. Then you looked at us and said, "I'm just gonna call it 'Obama-hini'" (It was also in Feb, which is black history month and lessons about black leaders were given at school :) Then you said, "Obama Rocks!" and did a little dance. Hilarious!
  • You love to learn and sing new songs about Jesus! Which we love. The other day you went to the grocery store with me and you sang "Oh, how I love Jesus" to the WHOLE store. Many times. Then we had to go potty and since you are a big girl and can go all by yourself, I waited outside the door. Things were taking a while and finally I heard you say, "Help me Jesus, Help me!"....pause...."Thanks you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Yes!". I think he helped you go potty that day :) Your momma lost it just outside the bathroom door!
  • You LOVE to ask questions! Sometimes you like to ask a question and answer it yourself. Like, "Mom, what's for dinner? Oh, yes, chicken and biscuits, and vegetables". I have little to do with those conversations :) But you also like to indirectly ask questions when you have been asking a lot already. Like the following scenario, "We're not having dessert tonight." Pause, with a longing look towards Mom or Dad....and when we silently agree or don't respond (because half the time we haven't thought ahead to the next 4 minutes- we are surviving in the moment that is dinnertime craziness), you continue..."dessert after dinner tonight, that's just too wierd"....finally we figure out if we are having dessert or not, but the journey is humorous! I guess you figure if you just talk a bout it for a while, then someone will eventually tell you what we have decided :)
Here you are at the Atlanta Children's Museum playing princess with your daddy. Did I mention you love princess anything? :) I love how this picture shows what a little peanut you are. Sometimes I forget just how little you are, sweet girl because you tower over your brother and sister!

You don't like being surprised...especially by animals :) For your birthday, we went to R. Thomas and a bird visited our table and sat on your mom's head- you were worried it would fly too close to you so the nice man took the bird away. We also went to the zoo at the beginning of February. You had never been before and you LOVED it. However, you did not like the parakeet exhibit because they all flew around and it whooshed by your head! You say you only like the neighbors' chickens "just a tinny, tinny bit", as you say because one time one escaped and tried to make a nest in Mia's hair- who didn't mind too much (Are we maybe just not into birds?).

You are getting so much better with your language! Just a few month's ago, you were talking about when you turn 5. We were working on the concept of big and small. You said that your pant's didn't fit and that when you turned 5 maybe they will be too big and then you can give them to Mia! Now, you know what big and small mean.

You are getting so much better with your speech, too. Some things we don't want you to change, but know you need to because you are 5 now: like babemsoup (for bathing suit) and "a puzzle to" (for supposed to). You can say so many more words and are understanding more since your surgery. You start speech therapy soon, so you will be up to snuff when you go to Kindergarten. Which you are very excited about! On your birthday, you told me that you were 5 so you expected to go to Kindergarten maybe "tomorrow or the next day" :)
Here you are with Mims painting at the Museum. You are painting a wall mural just like Olivia does in one of your fav books.

Did I mention that you are SUPER HELPFUL!! There are some days when I don't think I can handle one more lost sippie cup of your little brothers and you always find it for us! You love setting the table, putting away the silverware, and helping me cook!

You pray almost every night that our family will "live happily ever after". We love your sweet spirit and how you have bonded so well with us. You stand up for what you believe in, and you believe that we are your momma and daddy. We are so blessed to have you Baby Girl!!