Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mother Daughter Hair Cuts

Alisa has been wanting to cut her hair ever since she started Kindergarten.  I thought it was a phase, but when we got a note home in the mail about her school being partners with Locks of Love I asked her if she was serious about it.  She was so excited, but still didn't want to participate in the big school cutting event.  But when 14 other girls were getting their hair cut at the same time and she knew her Mama would be there, she decided to go for it. 

A couple weeks before her school assembly/ hair cutting day, she started asking me to get a hair cut too- just like hers.  I was really not up for it because I have been growing my hair out forever.  Then I thought about it and I was like- what am I even growing it out for?  I mean, it gets caught in the door of the car, under my armpits, super tangly all the time, takes 2 1/2 hours to air-dry...why do I insist on long hair?  I think I had this mental thing about being a mom but not looking like one.  And my long hair made me feel like I didn't look like a mom.  Weird- I know.  So after I got over it, I decided I would like to be rid of some hair and found CWHL who take colored hair.  So I got 10" chopped.  Which as you can see, still left a nice bit of hair- no boy cut for me :)

Here are the before pics:

I can't seem to take a straight smiling picture in my old age without a weird face, so I decided to beat em to the punch :)

Looks like her hair is more than half her little body!

All the girls at WS that were giving their hair away and the stylists

Sweet little peanut

Back view of what was gonna be cut off

Holding her pony tail

All the girls post cut- there were 15 girls and 2 grandmas :)

Her hair kindof got an a-symetrical cut at first because her pony was lopsided- I thought about keeping it but didn't want to force her into trendiness at 5 :)
Alisa's first hair cut ever!

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Elizabeth said...

Cute!! You held out much longer than me- I donated mine when Caroline was 4 weeks :)