Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Hello all and Merry Christmas!

Just a bit more than what we could fit on a Christmas card here, but I thought I should post some updates while enjoying NBC's The Sing-off.

You know when someone writes how "this year has been quite the /such a/a doozy of a year" statement and you think, "Isn't every year?"  I truly feel like we can proclaim this year "quite the year" for The Jones clan.

As I posted earlier, we have experienced much change this year.  Here are some more changes and new endeavors we thought we would catch you up on:

David graduated from Chiropractic school!!!  That sentence deserves three exclamation points.  My husband has been a student for the better part of 8 years of marriage and (even though he loves school) we are both super thankful he is done.  

After his graduation we took a celebratory trip to Seaside/Watercolor.  Our first time going there and we had some wonderful relaxation and fun.
Seaside, we love you!

 David and I started a non-profit (well, soon- we hope- still waiting on the IRS approval :), The Jones Family Clinic.  It's a place where we hope to be a resource for parents of adopted and foster children, where they can come for holistic support.  This has been our dream for a while, and we are amazed that God brought it to fruition so quickly.
Where the magic happens

These are the kinds of things we do there ;)
My office, still in progress
We bought our home.  We became homeowners of a little chunk of Hope St.  and have had some fun renovating and fixing things up.

 My two, beautiful cousins were both married this year and the kids got to be in a wedding.  This was the highlight of Alisa's year!  They all loved being a part of the wedding.
Alisa with the Bride!

My wedding dates to Lauren's wedding ;)
I'll leave you with some fall pics...

This is the Star Spinner from "Higher Raisin", the Dolphin Show at the Aquarium.  Braylen talks about his so much, it's like he is a member of the family so he might as well be on our Christmas Card page!

 We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!