Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yellowstone Vacation and long time-no-update

Sorry about not blogging for a while. Between having surgery and no internet access at home, we haven’t had much of a chance! The surgery went well. My mom was our personal house cleaner and cook for the week and it was great! Thanks again, mom!

Before the surgery, we had a mini vacation to Yellowstone National Park with my mom and my grandparents. It was way more exciting than I thought, I mean did you know it’s basically one giant volcano and you just walk around near these geysers that are 150-300 degrees? We also saw the Grand Tetons on the way up and stayed in Jackson Hole, WY. We had our share of buffalo and elk. Saw one mousse and one bear too. Here are some pics………

This little guy’s mom (see rear end to the right) proceeded to rush the car shortly after this pic was taken, she just missed us! (as soon as you get into the park, they give you this nice yellow piece of paper that says, beware of getting gored by a buffalo! several visitors are killed each year because they get too close!)

These are the Grand Tetons.

This pic would be awes if David had his eyes open :) (tallest peak behind us)

Me and Grandpa

This is David being superman, we visited this geyser called “Excelsior”, and it was basically like walking through clouds…...

Here is what the steam coming off of it looked like

The famous falls