Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 18, 2012 : Mims turns 3!

My sweet Mimi!  Love those precious curls.  I hope they never go away :)
I don't know why but I was really sad the night before you turned three.  I just wanted to keep you two for a little bit longer!  But you are really growing up so much and becoming such a "big girl".

Lately, you have been cracking us up!  Here are some of the funny things you are doing:
  • You are learning to go in the potty (it's been a really long learning process!), but you are pretty good at doing number 2 so far.  You like to talk about/ and to your poo.  The other day daddy was in the bathroom with you while you were doing your business and you started saying, "her momma here!"...then a few plops later, "her daddy here!".  You have a whole family of poo by the time you are done.  A couple nights ago, apparently there were a whole family of snakes in the potty when you were done (sorry for the TMI :)!
  • You also sneak into your sisters bed at night sometimes.  So much so that we decided to per-emptively strike and let you sleep with her for the summer- maybe then you wont escape the bed so much in the middle of the night!  You also have to touch your feet to whomever you are sleeping with.  The other night I came in and you were laying horizontally on the bed and your sister was half hanging off the bed but your little feet were still touching her.
  • You like to copy Daddy when he calls mama "Pumpkin".  When you pray you sometimes thank God for your "Pumpkin and your other pumpkin" (I guess your other Pumpkin is Daddy :). 
  • You weren't too sure about Clifford at our visit to the Children's Museum- here you are keeping your distance.
  • You also have started trying to pretend you are asleep but will keep one eye open really wide and the other only half shut.  I guess you think you are fooling us :)
@ Your sister's bday party.  You love staying busy with your own thing.  You actually were busy painting your apron long after everyone else moved on to another game - below

You have come so far in the last 7 months:
  • When we first met you, you didn't say much.  Then you would speak more after warming up.  But your speech didn't get much better until you had tubes put in January.  You can now say things like "Winnie the Poo" instead of "Lala Pooped"!
  • You have been working on your pronouns- even though poor Bubbs is still a "her" whenever you talk about him....or tell on him for taking something you were playing with :)
  • You are the only one who has taken an interest in French.  You have learned some words in French (from Daddy) and in Spanish (from school).  In fact, whenever you see a boat you call it a "bateau".
  • You are the most independent, but lately you have been letting your mama know how much you love me!  I love hearing those random, "I luwyou mama"s!
  • Your favorite word of late is "actually", but you actually pronounce it "asheley".  
    • "Mimi, do you want this toy?" 
    • "Yes, asheley, yes!"
  • You are the sweetest sibling with both your brother and sister.  We say that Bubs is sweeter with you (maybe because you are so close in age and he knows you will be crazy with him sometimes :), and Baby Girl is sweeter with Bubs (although she is getting a ton better at being sweet with you), but you are the sweetest with both of them.  You share and make sure Bubee has things to play with, and you love your big sister so very much.
Here you are at your birthday party opening presents.
We love you with all our heart birthday girl!  You brighten up our lives so much!