Monday, March 24, 2008

David's big week

This week is the week David has his orals. He gives his presentation on Friday. Prayers are much appreciated, thanks!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Snowing Again!!!!!

For Christmas, my mom gave us a cute sign with a snowman saying, "We love snow". This is no longer true. For the remainder of the year anyways. When it snows again in December we will probably be happy about it, but for now, we are sick of snow :( But God knows what He is doing, and it is beautiful, so here are some pics.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Around the House and Us (in case you forgot what we look like:)

We (meaning mainly me, Eryn) love to redecorate! Here are some pics of what we have done lately........

Here is the new living room/ dining room... and, yes, I went a little twinkle light crazy. I liked the back lighting for the piano :)

Why is your dining table in the living room you may ask???

Because this is our dining area/ space.......

But the table by the window is nice. David says that we are like the busy-body neighbors that sit on their porch or look out their window to see the happenings of the neighborhood.... well, when we eat it's pretty entertaining!

And on to the kitchen........
My kitchen is small, but I really enjoy having everything at my fingertips... but I bet we win the contest for worlds lowest square footage in a kitchen!

excuse the dishes and the honey curry mixture...thanks Ashley for the recipe:)

view from the back..

...and we didn't redecorate anything in the kitchen... it's just clean!

And us.........

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I've been Tagged!

My friend tagged me, so here goes.........

10 years ago:
- I was 15
- I was in the 10th grade at Memphis Harding Academy
- I highlighted my hair for the first time (see reference below)
- My best friends were Mandi, Emily, Kara, Melissa, and Shannon
- I had a learners permit and drove a tealish Saturn that was my moms
- I went on my first ever date to the Macaroni Grill and to see Titanic (I think I saw it 2 or 3 times in the theater too, Ashley:)
- My favorite stores to shop in were Old Navy and Delia's (catalog), maybe the Gap and AE
- For Spring Break '98-- I can't even remember what I did!!! Highscool is a big blur to me--- sad!
- My summer was spent doing as much Youth Group activities as I could: camp, work camp, VBS downtown every week, devos every week, playing broomball, scavenger hunts-- was anyone else's youth group like total 24-7 there is always something going on?? I mean, I'm kindof dreading when my kids get into 7th grade and we will be driving them to all these places-- btw, thanks Mom!

Things on my "to do" list today:
- Work (check)
- Take a nap (actually, I'm doing this so that probably won't happen)
- Make dinner (have no idea what I will make... these days I throw a bunch of things in a casserole right before David comes home and call it "dinner"-- I'm in a dinner funk)
- Go watch Lost with the Sides'.

What I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire:
- Pay off our debt
- Adopt multiple children (twins or triplets)
- Then I would get my friend Mark Saunders to help me invest a ton of it.
- David and I would have a killer vacation-- in 5 years when he has some time off.
- Start an organization in Fort Collins educating people who are homeless or in need, and educating others on things they can do for these people in their community.
- I have considered buying a neighborhood and doing an experiment on community where it's a bunch of people I know, and a bunch I don't know and we all live in the same place, but we don't use money-- we barter with services etc. I'll get back to you on this when I get my billion:)
- Pay off other's debts
- My husband would probably want me to buy a boat and a lifetime subscription to an apple orchard that delivers to your door so he can have apple crisp every other day!

Three bad habits:
- I throw clothes all over the floor--- really bad about putting things where they go
- When my hair comes out in the shower I put it on the wall and sometimes forget about it-- I lose a lot of hair and the first time I visited my future sister in law's house in Birmingham, I took a shower in their guest shower and totally forgot to get the hair off the wall and so I called to apologize because I felt so bad!
- David would say that me always putting my bare feet on him would be one because they are always ICE cold! Sorry, I know you hate that :)

5 Jobs I've had:
- Sonic America's Drive-In (were you singing the song in your head??-- I do all the time when I wear my Sonic shirts-- I also waited on Vince Gill, Jay-Z, and Kenny Rogers during my career at Sonic)
- I worked for Lipscomb's S.A.C. where I basically checked peoples IDs when they came in to work out. Really fun job! I can't believe I once got paid to talk to my friends, hang out, and do homework!
- Order Entry Manager at Richmond Title Services-- sounds so professional! Really I was the manager of me :) but it looks good on a resume
- Babysitter-- the best paying job in the world!
- Baker at Cafe Columbine and Bakery-- my current job

5 Things people don't know about me:
- I like sleeping with a HUGE mound of pillows all around me; therefore, I take up 3/4 of our King-sized bed
- I am furious at 10th grade me that first got her hair highlighted and started the vicious cycle of never getting my natural hair color back..... if anyone has tips let me know--- right now my hair is half natural half orange brown.
- I own at least 20 pairs of shoes and that is probably less than I have owned in several years.
- I check facebook at least twice a day!
- I'm terrible at taking pictures. On our honeymoon, I remembered to take one picture the whole time. So I'm nervous that when we have kids, I will always forget to take pictures of them, and they will grow up and ask me one day, "Mom, what did I look like when I was 2?" And I will go searching for a picture and maybe find one that is badly taken and fuzzy! Maybe we just need to move to Florida and live close to Melanie so my children will have their picture taken often by a professional:)

I tag Whit and Kristy so she gets back into blogging! (And, of course, anyone else that wants to:-)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ode to Child Prodigies and Other YouTube videos

So this first link is for a 6 YEAR OLD GIRL........... her pitch and control of her voice is amazing. I think she was a semi finalist in Brittain's Got Talent.
This next link is for David Archuleta-- amazing! Here is the full video of him singing "I'm Not Going" to the season one finalists.
Also, here is a funny experiment in Grand Central Station. It's pretty neat
Another fun thing: Go to google and type in "find Chuck Norris" and click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button..........hilarious:)