Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Cake

I think this will be our last cake of the year. I wanted to post some pics of it and, also, there is a picture of me (in my work getup) and Jen (who I have been doing all these cakes with), who is an amazingly talented artist and cake decorator.

David is behind this picture holding a yellow umbrella! He came along as our professional umbrella holder because it was raining when we were delivering the cake.

Here is a pic of the whole banquet room in the background. I thought the tinsel on the ceiling was a nice contrast :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Vacation

David went in the Spring to a time share/ discount club sell, and just for going he won a two nights free stay at a Holiday Inn. We really lucked out because they just pick for you and you take whichever Holiday Inn you get near the city you choose. Well, the downtown Denver Holiday Inn (which was what they chose for us!) just turned into a Crowne Plaza Hotel. So we got to stay in a really, really nice room for free. We felt really blessed by this, and we had a relaxing fun time being tourists where we live. We went to the Celestial Seasonings Plant in Boulder and took the tour of the factory and how they package and make their teas. There was one room just for the peppermint and spearmint which smelled heavenly. We also got to go to the ESPN zone to watch the Sunday night game on the big screen (I thought we could do that for David since most of the vacation was things I considered a little more fun:). We also went shopping, toured the state capitol building, and tried to get into a sold out Rockies game-- the tiebreaker game which they won! So instead we got Cheesecake Factory to go and went back to the hotel room to watch tv and catch part of the game there. When they won we could see the smoke from the fireworks, but the tall downtown buildings were mostly blocking our view. It was a great weekend, and we never even had to drive anywhere once we got to our hotel. Everything we did was withing walking distance. It was great. Here are some pics from the vacation. OH, and we also went to see Sydney White the movie...... it was pretty funny (a modern day Snow White with Amanda Bynes). Below is a protest that we thought was pretty funny. There was one guy there for it, and we couldn't really tell what it was for-- he just seemed upset and wanting to practice free speech! Notice the guy who looks really interested walking by. Here are pics of the inside of the Capitol building. We got to see the State Senate, House, and Supreme Courts. We climbed up to the top of the dome and got great views of the city. I think we were 21 stories up. David had to this one of the one of the view to the bottom because I wouldn't look down! Here, we are sitting on the step exactly one mile above sea level. Some pics of our awesome room and the view from it. And here we are after an awards ceremony for David's fellowship