Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ok, ok........ I'll try to get better

So, a WHOLE LOT has happened sice the last little teaser post. But I am just going to blog about this one thing-- for now. More to come with pics of our new house (well, apartment really) and details on our new and very different life.


This last weekend we went to Orlando to see my sister at UCA Nationals. We thought Daisy might enjoy it, so we took her as her birthday present (little did we know her little wheels were already turning toward cheerleading instead of her curret basketball career). So needless to say, I think she enjoyed her time with us at the competition. Melanie (who if you are reading this post- it's basically a copy of yours, so if you need to save time- it's not going to be that exciting:)got to go too, and we had a good time.
Here are some pics............
A whole lotta cheerleaders

JCS got 6th in the nation!!

The event was at Wide World of Sports at Disney and it was cool to see- we had never been there before

Who knew that my sister would someday be equal to Mikey Mouse or Cinderella in a four year olds eyes!

Daisy had a great memory of the cheerleading stunts and wanted to recreate one when she got home. She gave David and Daniel instructions :)