Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A mermaid princess, a snowflake princess, and our giraffe

This year we had a fun neighborhood pot luck of sorts and it was so fun!  I hope we make it a Hope St. tradition.
Daddy dressed up too- he wasn't really sure what he was :)

But Bubba liked it!

The back view

eating some yummy chili

Ok, so I need to take a minute and post something that was cracking me up all night.  Sweet Baby Bo was a stealthy scavenger always being found grabbing some grub off of somebody who had left their plate behind.  For some reason that sweet fat giraffe costume made even more hilarious. 

I shot this pic after one of his recent finds at an abandoned table :)
Sweet giraffe friends, sorry for the nose pic but this was as good as it got!

This was a LOT of kids to all go trick or treating together!  (And a lot of brave parents)

everyone off to trick-or-treat