Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas 2007 and 2 Year Anniversary

This Christmas was with my family in Memphis and Trenton. We had a great time with family and enjoyed being pampered:)

Here are some pics...............

Yes, Santa still comes to see us

Here is what David got from Santa

Some pics of the tree and presents

Grandpa in his new UT Santa hat :)

Us, Lindsey, and Lauren

Don't we look festive?

Granny and Papa

Me, Cody, and Caitlin


We have now been married two years. We decided to celebrate with a gift card to our favorite restaraunt in Old Town. We got the two person private room, so it was like our own little restaraunt. Thank you Saunders for seeing us off and taking pics :) Here we are.......

On the way out, we saw a guy with only a tee shirt on in the middle of the winter. Now I know we all know somebody who continually wears t-shirts or shorts no matter what the temp outside. David, in the pic below, was ranting about how he "just doesn't get it". If you do get it, please comment. We came up with some theories.....1) They are more "hot-natured" people (to which David decided that their 35 degrees could only be our 55 degrees, which is still not t-shirt wearin weather. 2) They could all have a club, like wearing a t-shirt is a members only thing and when they get together, they are allowed to wear warm clothes. 3) Maybe they think it's cool??? Any thoughts :)?