Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Family's Anniversary

Happy 1 year to the Jones Fam!  We have officially been a family as of September 23 (2012) for one full year.  It both feels like it hasn't been that long and that it has been 12 years all at the same time!  It feels like I have been a parent for years, and also that I'm still not quite a mom just yet.  Sometimes I think, "Who let us (read: me, Eryn) be parents?".  Well, besides the state of Georgia and our adoption agency, I have to believe (and remind myself) that God did!  He chose me to be the mother of Alisa, Mia, and Braylen.  How cool is that?    

We did not celebrate our family anniversary other than a quick, "Yay!", but we did have some fun times around the actual day.  We had a visit to Memphis and then Nana came back with us to spend some time. 
for the record: everyone is at least saying, "cheese" in this pic- Braylen's "cheese" face cracks us up!
these are at Alisa's Fall Festival at her school
 A quick note to self about large Fall Festivals: taking small children = a dreadful situation where I am constantly playing where's waldo, except waldo is my smallest child who loves to wander off as if he knows everyone and this is just a big family reunion!  Then add another child pretty much like that but not as loud and more sneaky with her getaways!   Maybe try it again when your kids are older!!!
We also went to a U-Pick Apple farm in North Georgia for a fun family outing.

trying for a sister and brother pic but all Bubs wanted to do was get out of Alisa's death grip!
 Daddy was a good lifter to get to the few apples left on the trees:

I think he ate 2 1/2 whole apples on this trip... was always seen with an apple in hand

This was my favorite shot of the day :)

the kids soon became fascinated with the vine flowers that grew under the apple trees- even Bubs wanted to put them in his hair :)


Buddy and Maurine said...

I remember last year and our outing at the Pumpkin Patch. This apple picking time looked like such fun. Good times.

Sarah Nicholson said...

Happy one year family Anniversary! Can't wait to see your family in person in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!