Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Ponkin' Time

POHN-kyn is what the kids call pumpkins, and thus have we as well.  I love pumpkin decorating, but never have gotten to display them since David and I have been married.

Lately we have been doing October things and decorating for fall.  Here are some pics of what we have been doing with the round, orange field fruit at the Jones home :)

I love purple and orange together- hoping these mums last us a while

I tried making a pumpkin topiary that I saw in Southern Living- this was the result :)

In other Braylen news (aka mommie-type things I want to remember), Braylen has been dressing in Mia and Alisa's pj's today.  He kept asking for more of their clothes on.  He ended up with his Alabama shirt, Mia's white shirt, and Alisa's heart pajamas over all of that.  Then, later, he came in an exclaimed "Tada!"  We look down and saw Alisa's blue sparklie shoes on.  I think he was so proud of himself for making us laugh that he kept coming and and, "Tada!" - a new pair- Mia's red sparklie shoes- were on his sweet little Bubba feet :)  (Braylen, if you are reading this and you are 20, Mama is sorry!  It was just so cute when you were two :)  

Here are my favorite words he says right now:
Myloodloop = any magnadoodle, which he thinks are all his, also this is used for any noodle dish :)
hate-two-tree = an elephant (comes from "hup, two, three, four" song in The Jungle Book, and he can actually count to eleven if he just starts with "hup" instead of "one":)
The clean up song- goes something like this, "deen up, deen up, ederbaday, ederwear, deen up, deen up, ederbaday ewer seeeer".
trying on Mama's socks- he needed a haircut in this pic, which he got later on the day this was taken
Big Boy in the Tub!  Bubs was feeling sad about peeing on his giraffe costume that he took a nap in.  In the midst of his sadness he asked David if he could take a bath and pointed to the sink.  We wonder if he remembers having done that before.  He loved it!  Super comforted by it.  He kept saying he was "swimmin" even though he was barely able to move :)

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Buddy and Maurine said...

I love the way you write Braylen's words, Eryn! That way we can remember them.