Tuesday, April 01, 2008


David is finished! He did great. They said good things. And he is much more relaxed.

We had a weekend of celebrating. We had free movie tickets and a free burrito, so on Friday we went to Chipotle Burrito and snuck it into the theater and saw 21. Then, on Sat we got free tickets (thanks to my boss) to an Eagles game (Colorado's minor leauge hockey team). It was the play-offs and it was crazy! I had never seen so many fights within three hours. They won 5- 0 and so they are advancing in the playoffs..... I had a lot of fun, but I told David the next time we get a chance to go, he is taking another guy! I mean, did anybody know that if they throw down their gloves the refs just stand back and let them fight until one of them goes down???? It was pretty barbaric-- and to top it off, everyone in row 12 of section P got free Taco Johns thanks to the fight!!!

Here we are at the game.


Ashley said...

Yeah! We were at a Predators game over Christmas and they threw their gloves off and went to town on each other. It was crazy! Then when the camera zoomed in on the guy from the opposing team in the penalty box he was missing a tooth! I don't know if it was missing before that night, but I have a pretty good idea of how he lost it. We had really good seats and I had a lot of fun, but was definitely surprised by the fighting.

Daniel said...

Dude, that is hilarious! I love that that row got free tacos because of the fight. For some reason I got to laughing about that. looking forward to seeing both of you in May!


Dumuro said...
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