Monday, April 28, 2008


David is feeling much better. He is back in the full swing of his school schedule, and yesterday he enjoyed a couple games of croquet and bacci ball (have no idea if I am spelling these things right!). We feel like we are now back in a routine, and we even got good news about the surgery. I should be having surgery by at least the middle of June.... we are having scheduling problems-- so prayers for a cancellation for a slot in the next couple of weeks would be appreciated. I feel like the sooner we get all this over with the better!

Btw-- is anybody else having trouble with virus blog comments? I always get these comments from strange blogger names that I'm sure I don't know them like "jojojohoho"--- and they just leave a "click here" with a link to some crazy virus download I'm sure... I confess one time I clicked on it but then Xed out of the screen really fast.... maybe my computer will blow up someday because of that one fateful click-- oh well!

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Whitney Cantrell said...

My prayers are going up for your surgery!!! Oh and you probably need to enable the function on your preferences where the person has to type in the word they see in the box to be able to post a comment. It's suppost to filter out spam. You probably have something on your computer and you need to get a bug sweep of some kind. Love you!!