Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall in Colorado

Ok, so I promise that I will be more faithful at posting. We just got the internet, so I'm up and running. Alot has been going on, so I will try to catch you up in one post. Here goes....
First, every year I think about how awesome the leaves look here when fall time comes, but by the time I remember to put my camera in the car, the trees are leaveless! So here are some pics of the fall scenes we have gotten on camera in the past three years....

(Above) This was from the first fall we were here, thought it was worthy of reposting
(Below) These are taken around our neighborhood.

Also, David turned 28 on Halloween. We had a fun party with our neighborhood. We weren't going to dress up, but I had a random last minute idea. (Not a very original one, because I'm sure everybody and their grandma went as a politician.) We went as Sarah Palin and John McCain....I even sported the peep-toe shoes that Sarah wears (although hers are a cute red or maybe black)... I must admit that the girl has got style. Poor David, when he got home I threw him in a suit and proceeded to douse his hair in baby powder and hairspray since he has A TON more hair than John (which we found out that the two DONT turned into this plastery goo on his head and he ended up looking more like Albert Einstein :).

These are my version of "peep toe" shoes :)

Trying to show that my hair looks somewhat like hers, maybe a funkier version

Einstein McCain and Lisa Loeb Palin :)


AJ ~ said...

Aww, I'm so glad I found your blog. I used to live in Colorado for a brief period, and I really miss it. I envy you.

melanie said...

OMGoodness...OK..first of all...Fall in CO is awesome. From those pics i can see why you love it there in the fall. Second, yea for school. Cant wait to hear more about that. And THIRD...HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. You both look great. You are so fun! I LOVE Daves hair and your Einstein and Lisa description. I busted out laughing I thought I may have woken Isaac in his room!

And yes girl, Palin has got style. :)


Daniel said...

yes, mel laughed extremely hard at "Einsten McCain" and "Lisa Loeb Palin." hilarious. Love and miss you guys!


Amy Conner said...

Eryn i really don't know you that well or really at all but i was in the youth group in AL with David and my husband was his suite mate at harding freshman year. anyways, i'm so glad i found your blog i love keeping up with people i otherwise would never know anything about!
My husband is from CO and it is beautiful in the fall!
~Amy Martin Conner