Friday, November 30, 2007

Jones Family Thanksgiving

We just got back from a wonderful time with the Jones' Fam in Columbus, GA. It was a lot of fun, but short-lived. Lord willing, we will one day be closer to our families.

Our Thanksgiving week itinerary included:
Going to see Sarah's lab at Emory where she spends all day with fruit flies (David is pulling for the red eyed team :)
Spending some time with Grams, who was a blast to play Apples to Apples with--btw if you have never played this game, we recommend it .
Playing Worst Case Scenario where we learned that it is better to back slowly away from a mountain lion, but not a tigress with her pray. And we also learned that bad caviar can be made better with lemon juice-- all important things we all need to know. This game was pretty funny too, with everyone's thinking out loud about their answers- i will vote for the Maurine/ Melanie team for the funnest. David and I came in last!
Eating chili out of cute Pumpkin bowls while visiting with David and Paige, friends of the Jones'- they knew David from their time in Switzerland
Going shopping on Friday and getting all of my shopping done! except for my brother-- Dad, any ideas???
Holding baby Isaac and playing with Daisy- she has really grown into a sweet little girl
Going to the Festival of Lights at Calloway Gardens, where Buddy made the call on the blankets and we were definitely the coziest group on the trolley-- thanks Buddy!

We had such a good time with everyone, and we hope to see you all sooner than next Christmas!

Here are some pics......... *thanks to Mel for some:)...........

this was Isaac's quisitive face
We had just given Daisy her Christmas present-- dress up stuff

Mimimo reading The Night Before Christmas to Daisy

everybody all together

Eryn and Sarah

Daisy loved the Frosty, Gingerbread Man, and Nutcracker at the Festival of Lights

Us on the trolley

Thanksgiving Dinner

Random pic of our Christmas tree and a table we set up to eat by the tree:)


Whitney Cantrell said...

Aw, how fun!! The "worst scenario" game sounds like my kind of FUN! haha. I can just hear all of your different quandries and solutions.

Love you miss you.

The Shirley's said...

I had know idea that you and Melanie were sister-in-laws. I went to school with Melanie and I LOVE her! What a good family to be apart of.