Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No longer in the west

To the five of you who still check this blog with the hopes that there will be something new, this blog is for you!

You may be wondering why the blog still says "Tales from the West" when we are clearly back in the South. I just didn't have the heart to change it... I feel like we are not southerners anymore, and maybe one day we will have more tales from another western place.... or Florida :) So, I decided to write some things that we miss from Fort Collins.

While I don't miss seeing this in MARCH, or even MAY!

I desperately miss seeing this everyday...

Granted, this picture is taken from the I-25, not our house, but it's still quite frequent a view. And the snow doesn't always stick around... there are plenty of 75 degree days sprinkled in the spring months...lovely, sunny, DRY 75 degree days....ahhhh how I miss the dryness.

Another thing I miss about Fort Collins is the smallness. Average car trip in Fo Co: about 5 minutes, average car trip in Nashville: 20! So much more time in the car. These picture were taking of Down town Ft Collins, and it only took us about 4 minutes to get there by car... sometimes we walked...People- I live 1.2 miles away from my school here in Nashville, and sometimes is takes TWENTY MINUTES to get there, ugh! (I'm really not that bitter about it, just sometimes frustrating :) As you can see, downtown Ft. Collins is definitely a place you can just hang out... downtown Nashville is not quite the same scene.

And finally, this one is for you, mom....I know you will miss this place (there were gardens open in the Summer and Fall of all sorts of flowers- it was really beautiful- the pic doesn't do it justice)

We also miss our friends:

Carly, I have no idea why I don't have a picture of Grayson other than when he was about 3 months old! And Kimberly and Bruce-- Why don't we have pics of you guys???

Despite what you may think, I really do like living in Nashville. It has taken some adjustments, but we are grateful for being close to family and old friends. Also, there is a plethora of new restaurants to try, and I LOVE finding new foodey places!


Mandi said...

Well its about time you returned, my friend. But no more talk of moving other places west or south! I'm getting used to the idea of you in Tennessee again! And I'll add that it brings me such joy to hear you say you have strayed from our past orange love :)

Ft. Collins IS beautiful, but the inside of Trader Joe's comes in a very close second :)

Cant wait to see you in June!

Anna said...

I love the new word "foodey" and if you want a smaller town, come to Wilmore! I am also thrilled to hear from you guys again. I have been missing the Tales from the West updates. Love y'all!

AJ ~ said...

I often catch myself checking your blog for updates. I too lived in Ft. Collins...originally from Nashville. I also retured to the south and no longer really consider myself a southerner. I miss Ft. Collins so much, CSU, the mountains, the beauty, and just the small city itself being so "outdoorsy". It's just not that way down south. I wish you much happiness in Nashville. God Bless you both.

melanie said...

and you thought no one checked this.... :) look at your comments!

great pics. I wish I could have seen it. Darn snow storm!

i would have loved to see the flower gardens! and the mountains daily. So pretty.

AJ ~ said...

Oh my gosh, I received your message back about having family in Columbus, Georgia. I live in Columbus! Is this not strange? I live right off of Schomburg Road. I find this so ironic. First Nashville, then Ft. Collins, now Columbus. hmmm.

ashley said...

hey eryn - i don't have your email or anything, just wanted to tell you i'm praying for your mom and for you! hugs -