Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Nashville Favs

Looking back to four years ago when we were looking at moving somewhere unknown, I remember being SO READY to leave Nashville! Yet, now that we are back, I am secretly loving this good ole Southern town full of wonderful restaurants and a lot more culture (in more ways than one... see Sweet Cece's below- sorry for the pun :) than I had thought.

Here are my top places/ things I really like about this town:
1. Pfunky Griddle (Berry Hill Area)- many restaurants are getting behind the wave of more healthful eating. The Pfunky Griddle offers yummy whole grain pancakes, gluten free pancakes, and also the not-so healthy white kind. BUT the best part is that you have this cute little griddle built into your table (the tables kind of look like a smaller version of a hibachi grill's table) that you can grill your own pancakes (hence, makes them healthier because there is not some cook in the back cooking them on a fake-butter laden grill right beside some greasy breakfast sausage. ALSO, you get all you can eat (per person). So when you are craving breakfast for dinner/ lunch/ or breakfast :) don't head to the local Ihop, head to the Pfunky Griddle.

2. Sweet CeCe's Yogurt (Belle Meade)- This place is Nashville's PinkBerry but better. It's self serve yogurt, and their no sugar options are yummy! You can also pick your own toppings from everything from Lucky Charm-type cereals to FRESH fruit (I'm talking fresh here peeps, not the kind that comes in a plastic tub with so much sugar has been added to preserve it it comes in a syrupy sauce). They just weigh it and you pay when you are done. I walked up with my giant tub of rasperry and tart yogurt topped with fresh kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries and expected it to be $9! But is was only $4 so I was pleased. To learn more click here:

3. A New Idea for A Cheap Date- Recently my mom and I discovered that P. F. Chang's offers GIANT soup bowls (I'm talking 2 quart size soup bowls) for around 6-7 dollars! And they don't skimp on ingredients. You could go and get two to share and get whatever you wanted to drink and manage to get out of there for about $20 + tip. And P.F. Chang's has some nice romantic atmosphere goin on.

4. Baja Burrito- David cannot ever get enough Baja. Unfortunately for our pocketbooks, it is about 1/4 mile down our street! I usually get a taco salad that is free of sour cream and cheese, and David has begun to join me in the healthier Baja option. We like going here because it's very filling ingredients while being very fresh and flavorfull. We will always love Baja, even if we move :).

5. Mad Platter and Flyte: For fine dining, I cannot think of two better restaurants in Nashvegas. Thanks to my friend, Elizabeth, we went to the Mad Platter a couple of weeks ago with a $25-off-coupon from (We still have one more that I plan on using soon :). And Flyte has one of the best Pastry Chef's in the city, if not the best! I have been a couple of times for dessert and my mouth has been blown away by her creativity. I think the last item I ordered was a rice pudding with raspberries and rhubard topped off with olive oil ice cream (for all non-foodies, this sounds wierd but is delish!).

6. Sweet Ole' Southern Sayin's: So I just have to post about this for all of our CO friends. I was at the YMCA the other day and I had lost my keys. So I went back to the eliptical machines I had been in that day and there was on older lady on one of them. I aksed her if there were any keys in that machine, and she got off to let me look. Then I told her they weren't there and she just exclaimed, "Well, bless your little heart!". It made me smile that, even though I couldn't drive home, my heart was blessed by a sweet southern lady :)

7. Greek Restaurant... so I do not know the exact name, but I think it is called Greek Taverna and it is also in the Berry Hill area on Bransford Ave. It is TRUE authentic Greek food. Last time we went we ordered the Baklava for dessert, but the chef said we should get this custart filo thing that I could not pronounce so we did. It was AWES! Tasted like Greek funnel cake sprinkled with cinnamon.


Elizabeth said...

Sweet CeCe's sounds so good! I'm putting it on the list of things to do when we come back for my sister's wedding in December! Same with Flyte- I have heard about it but haven't been.

Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

Great idea... I might have to copy you and post about the great restaurants in ATL. We do love to eat!