Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whitney's Baby Shower Cake

I have decided that baby shower cakes are my favorite. There was one I worked on at cafe Columbine (well I think it was a baby baptism cake) where I made cupcakes with white calla lilies on top. There is just so much more you can do with baby colors and designs...that don't look too cheesy/ themey (I know, not a word... but there is just not a better substitute for what my friend Kristy called-- in reference to an elephant themed room she had seen-- like an elephant threw up all over the room).

And my latest undertaking was inspired by this Land of Nod bedding:

This was what I came up with:

The above pic is a back view, which I was not anticipating (for some reason I pictured it being on a buffet or something where no one would see the back...but I thought it turned out not too hideous from a 360 view :)

Me and the soon to be mom of "CHC"--love how the monogram looks! (I refrained from giving the name out yet in case she changes her mind on baby boy's name. Also, in case there are haters out there that have something to say about the name of an unborn child whose parents have every right to name him/her Green Bean Jones if they want...don't read too much into that one :).

Congrats Whitney, and cannot wait to meet your new addition!


Kimberly said...

Eryn, your cakes are amazing!! I love this one!!!

Anna said...

OH my goodness! That cake is beautiful!!!!

melanie said...

ERYN. You are amazing. I love that cake. And I wish you were close so that you could take care of all my "cake-y" needs. Esp kids bday cakes. I mean we settle for publix when we could have Aunt Eryn? bummer.

and how far along is Whitney? 17 wks? The pic hardly shows any belly! :)

btw...a week or 2 ago I told Daisy we had to run some errands. she turned to me and with a grins said, "Some Aunt Eryns?" HA. Now that is what she calls errands. :)