Monday, October 04, 2010

Cancun Trip July 30th

Dad and Annette took us all to Cancun for a week. We stayed at the RIU Cancun. It was amazing! We hung out by the pool, went to Tulum and XelHa (literally means "mixed water" where the fresh water from a river mixes with the ocean and Mexico cashed in on the great snorkeling to make it a natural water theme park). We went snorkeling, jumped off cliffs, snorkeled around in a cave, floated down the river in inner tubes, and had a blast. We only took out the waterproof camera for that part of the day, so no pics here...but I did get one shot of these guys haning out at the park:

Below are the ruins from Tulum, a preserved Mayan city.

This one has some tiny red hand prints in it. I asked the guide what they were from and he didn't know. Maybe since they didn't have plates to record a hand-print on for mom to keep, they just had kids record them on the side of their ritual alter buildings.....maybe??

We had GREAT food the whole time. The RUI had a Brazilian, Japanese, and Steakhouse restaurant along with a huge buffet...can you tell we loved to eat on this vacation?

We also went deep sea fishing. I think between David and myself we reeled in four fish.

Here is our sea vessel

And yes.....we took the tradish pic in khakis and white shirts :)

And last but not least.....I must pay homage to my Dad's awesome pineapple colored traveling shirt. Can you pick him out of the crowd :)

Hint: he matches the weird flying corn thing??? What is that?

Thanks so much for the trip Dad! We had a blast.

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