Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Funny Things

At Thanksgiving with David's family we were all watching the Alabama/ Auburn Football game on Saturday. So Baby Girl heard a lot of "Roll Tides". We had rolls for dinner that night and after dinner Baby Girl asked me if she could have another "roll tide" :) It took me a while to figure out she wanted an actual roll. I think she might have thought we were all screaming "Roll Tide" because we were really, really excited about the dinner rolls :)

When we put the kids to timeout we usually give them 5 seconds to change their behavior. We say, "1..2..3..4..5, OK timeout" or if they actually change, we just stop counting. Well the other day Mimi was playing with BeekBock in the hall and she was saying something that I couldn't make out. Then I heard her say to him, "3...4...8..9....OK, PIMOUT", which is what she calls timeout. I don't think she enforced it very well though!

Bubee is very compliant; although, I'm not sure he always knows what he is agreeing to. If you tell him something and ask him if he understands he always nods very slow and seriously up and down for yes. The other day I was testing him out to see if he knew what he was agreeing to:
  • "Bubee all done with his dinner?"
  • Nod for yes
  • "Bubee want to get down?"
  • Nod for yes
  • "Bubee want to try and discover some unknown element so that he can win a Nobel prize for it?"
  • Pause, then nod for yes!
Both him and Mimi always say, "K" for "OK" whenever we ask them to do something/ remember something that we just taught them that most likely resulted in a timeout. They also are not sure about exactly what "K" means:
  • "Mimi share your toy with Bubee. You have had it for a long time."
  • "K" and then we give the toy to Bub.
  • Pause.
  • Scream and crying.
  • "But Mimi you said OK to sharing your toy."
  • "K"
  • Pause.
  • More crying.

David's parents are called Mimomo and B-Pops by all the other grand kids. The other night during prayers (they usually repeats after us) Mimi was praying and said "Thank you for Mimomo and P-Pots". So poor Buddy is now P-Pots until Mimi can talk a bit better :)

Mimi is a do-er. She loves working at her play. She also loves taking everything apart and putting things back together. The other day when they came home from school I noticed she took all of her big sister's clothes out of her back pack (which Mimi calls a pack-pack). I know Baby Girl will need those clothes for school tomorrow so I told Mimi to "put all of sister's clothes back in her pack pack". I didn't realize how literally she would take that! I came back about ten minutes later to find Mimi lugging a hugely stuffed Hello Kitty back pack full of all of her sister's closet contents. Underwear, shoes, socks, scarves, ,etc. I couldn't be upset because I was laughing so much. I mean I did tell her to put "all of sister's clothes back in her pack pack"!

Baby Girl kind of has a speech delay. It has gotten TONS better since her surgery and she has been able to hear better. But she still speaks with kind of an Ebonics type country accent sometimes. I know that seems hard to picture, but she will say "oooohh (ten syllables for the "oh") lerrrrk (look) at my berrrk (book)". It's hilarious to us even though were are working on the correct way to pronounce the "OO" sound.

Bubee is called "Beek Bock" because he has been talking a lot more lately. But for the last two months any time you ask him to say two or more words, your reply was always "beek bock".

  • Bubee say "Drink, please"
  • "Beek Bock"
  • Bubee say "I want to get down"
  • "Beek Bock"
  • Bubee say "Supercalafragelisticexpialidocious"
  • Pause. "Beek Bock"

He is so cute saying please for everything. Well, it mostly sounds like "peeeee", but we take it :) And he is a really good singer. He loves to sing and dance around the house. The other day I gave him chocolate for the first time (a brownie), and his singing and dancing around went into overdrive. He was a dance machine! I don't think I will try that again anytime soon:)


Anna said...

Yay! I am drinking this all in. I LOVE reading all about those precious kids. LOVE love love!! And hilarious!

Rhonda said...

Love, love, love! Nana

Buddy and Maurine said...

Way to write it all down, Eryn! So fun to read. I can picture it all.

R.A. said...

This is so cute! I 3- and 4-year-old nieces, so it all sounds so familiar! You'll totally appreciate that you wrote it down when they're older. They'll appreciate it too. :)