Friday, February 17, 2012

February 18, 2012: Bubba Turns Two!

Sweet little boy you are 2 years old today! How we have loved getting to know you. We so enjoy your singing and dancing and special "meep-meep" song you have with your mama. You are the entertainment at the dinner table most nights and you love your family. You especially love your Daddeee, as you call him. And he loves you!
You LOVE to jump- most pictures of you look like this! You can get a few inches of air, jumping with both feet :)
Since your surgery in January, you can hear so much better and you hear the trains now outside our house. Every morning when you wake up you ask us to do "Chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga-choo-choo". You can say some two word sentences and are learning to talk more and more.

Yes, you are wearing one of your sister's mary jane shoes! along with your favorite monkey pajamas. Here you are talking on your "lello" (hello, is what you call your phone) that Mamaw and Papaw gave you.

Your favorite things are "beeyos" (videos) and to "bay" (play) outside. You love getting on to people and telling your sisters "no, no! followed by a long string of words we can't yet understand". You are a friendly boy who loves to show off and sing for people. At your school Christmas special, you stood out in front of your toddler class and held out "Peeeeeeeeaaaacce" (from sleep in heavenly peace) for the entire song of Silent Night. And then you waved at everyone in the audience.

You love, love, love to eat. You are a carnivorous little boy- your favorite food is chicken. You have also begun to eat raw greens like spinach and kale and you're expanding your little pallet.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


Anna said...

AW!! Goodness. I want to squeeze him and just eat him up right now!!!!!

Rhonda said...

What a sweet blog about a sweeet boy!