Sunday, July 15, 2012


Alisa has loved "spelling" lately.  She notices that we sometimes spell to avoid letting the kids know what we are talking about.  Like "should we break out the c-a-k-e?" or "it's too late for a s-n-a-c-k, they'll spoil their dinner."  It sounds like we live in fear of mentioning food in front of our kids. 
We do :) 
As soon as the word "snack" is overheard by our little ones we get a heavy dose of of "own NACK! own NACK! own NACK!" (Bubs) along with a staccato "may-I-ave-a-snack-please" said 20 times (Mimi's way of making sure she gets all the words out so you know she is asking nicely and should not be denied her request :), and also along with a "hooraaaaaaaaay" or "Yayyyy!" from the Baby Girl corner.
So we obviously try to tiptoe around words related to food in our home; which ends up with us spelling a lot:) 

But a funny thing has happened lately.  Baby Girl has decided that she can be in on the spelling game too.  The other day at the store she asked if we could buy some "p-i-l-e-a-s".  I was like, "What in the world are you talking about??".  Finally after several times of spelling some version of "p-o-n-a-s-l", Baby Girl said, "You know!  Like how you guys talk about cake and dessert and stuff sometimes."
"You mean when we spell, like saying 'p-i-e'?"
"Yeah, like that?"
"Do you want us to buy some pie?"
"YES, p-i...what else?"
"E... and no, we are not buying any pie!"
Great!  The gig is up.  She has caught on!... even if her spelling is somewhat lacking in the accuracy department :)  She'll be fine.  She lives in the age of spell check :)

So recently, she began posting "house rules" on a lot of the door frames like this one below:
apparently "LOLMO" = "No Hitting or Kicking" :)

Also, I have been posting up some of her better quiet time works on the wall in the play room- just taped them up on the wall. 
Then, a couple days later, I found these little easter eggs below... along with an empty roll of tape.  Looks like she was marking her territory with her "art", but she did apologize for using up all the tape, sweet girl :)
top-center of window- how did she get that up there?  she is only 36" tall!  wait, I don't want to know :)
on the back of mine and David's closet door

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melanie said...

Love that sweet girl. :)