Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alisa's First Day of Kindergarten

First of all WOW!  I am a mother to an elementary aged child- just so overwhelmingly crazy!  Lately, David and I have been joking that when parents drop their kids at the first day of school off and say, "It really has all flown by so fast!", that they have no idea how fast it really can fly by!  We have seen this sweet baby girl grow up from what seemed like a two year old in a four year old's body to a mature and sweet five year old- all in just TEN months!  So take that parents who wax nostalgic... for us, it really was "like yesterday" :) 

Alisa has been so excited to start Kindergarten.  We drive by her school, it being only a half mile away, almost every day.  She claims it as her own, "that's my kindergarten", to which Mia always repeats.  Thus resulting in an argument about whose kindergarten it actually belongs to.  Then I usually interject about how it is a whole school were lot's of kids go- even big kids who aren't in kindergarten.  This has gone on for weeks :)

She had been saying she was "really, really excited, but a little bit nervous" and then the day before it was "a lot excited and a lot nervous" :)  But she did well.  We walked to school, which we will do most mornings it doesn't rain.  It makes me feel like I'm  back in time seeing so many parents and kids all walking to a school nearby.  We also pass a few fruit trees where we have been known to pick a freshly fallen, pretty pear off the ground and eat it later on for a snack.

The whole gang ready for the walk to school!
Sweet Mia has been missing her big sister!
Here is her teacher, Mrs. Reeser.  She is excellent!  We have only heard rave reviews from other people who know her, but Alisa approves as well because she wanted "one of the young ones".  So everybody wins:)
The table directly behind them is Alisa's table


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I love this! So precious.