Monday, April 09, 2007

Long Awaited Update

So we haven't been keeping up with the blog to well lately, so here is a bit of what is going on..........

First of all, Whitney Hudson recently got married to Michael Cantrell. Their wedding was in Nashville and Eryn flew out for the event.

Eryn's going to part time at her job at Cafe Columbine, and David starts the long hours of research this summer. We are missing friends and family and wanting EVERYONE to come see us and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


Daniel said...

well well well, look who decided to show back up. Thanks for the update...what about some pics of Dave, or your apt. that I've never seen, or where you work, or Dave's lab, or y'alls church? I know, I know, mel doesn't do that either, but it would be great for me! We love you and hope to see you soon!


Whitney Cantrell said...

Really? June? YAY!! Hey go to my page to see the latest news about Michael! I love you!!!!!!!!