Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Quick Update on Us

A lot has happened in the past month, and I have not blogged.....partly because I am terrible at taking pictures and I have no pictures to show for what has happened:( Anywho, here is what has been going on with the Joneses:
1. Buddy and Maurine came for a visit. We enjoyed some Fort Collins dives and Buddy's favorite coffe stop here in town (The BeanCycle). We also gave tours of our work places and got to eat at The Olive Street Bakery (a Belguim couple own this place and it is AMAZING!) where they all had a conversation with "Lut" the owner's wife and I just smiled and nodded and picked up on the words "13" and "weather"-- impressive, I know :)
2. We also got to go down and visit with Anna, Don, the boys, and David's parents again in Castle Rock. We got to go to a service at the Castle Rock Vinyard (the church Anna and Don came here to help start). We really enjoyed getting to go to church there and see how they have grown over time.
3. David is really, really, really busy with preparing for orals. They are in one month and he has to write a paper and prepare a slide show presentation that he has to sort of defend/ show he has a plan. Apparently this can be a big deal--if you don't convice the board you have been doing enough research/will be able to make your molecule, then you don 't pass and you have to drop out. BUT we know David won't be in that category :), but still keep him in your prayers. And me to, we don't see each other much these days!
4. We have started the "Truth Project" at church, a Focus on the Family thing. That's two nights a week. We babysit for one half of the team on Sun and the other half meets on Wed.
5. David has taken up rock climbing again. He is getting back into being "spiderman" on the climbing wall :)
6. We just had a really fun sortof Valentine's Day date......it was really a "hey we haven't seen each other in a week and need to spend time together date"! We went to see Definately, Maybe-- a little wierd but we decided we liked it......lot's of things we didn't like about it though for sure. Then we went to Loveland, C0 (20 min away) to Barnes and Noble to look at Books and go to PF Changs for dinner. We both decided that even though we only went 20 min away we needed the get-away! It felt like a mini vacation becasue we hung out for several hours in a row and we were away from home :)

That's about it. Just thought I would let you all know what has been happening with us-- again sorry for the no pictures..... I really need to get better at that!


Whitney Cantrell said...

Thank you for the support! Love you!!

melanie said...

What are these "Fort Collins dives" that you enjoyed so much?

Dave, I'm going to try to call you soon.

Duuuuuuuuuude, like, David Archuleta is freakin amazing!


Ashley said...

Agee, as someone living in a foreign country, I check blogs constantly. I noticed that on Whitney's you said that noone reads your blog. FALSE!!! This girl reads it...and is ready for a new post, please. :) PS. Did Brinker just quit blogging alltogether? I really hoped she would start doing it again and tell us about the baby!