Friday, February 29, 2008

The Retirement of the Cake Bussiness :(

Colorado law is about the strictest when it comes to health department regulations on food for the public. I talked to the Health Dept a couple weeks ago and they said that we needed to rent kitchen space from a commercial kitchen somewhere or we could build a new kitchen onto our home. I didn't think Granada Heights (our apt complex) would appreciate me building a whole other kitchen onto our small apartment, so I decided to call local churches. There are only a handful of churches that have a commercial coded kitchen, and the ones I have found won't rent to us! I mean I guess they have to have a pretty firm policy, but you would think they would want more money for their church ministries! Anywho, even if they did, it wouldn't be as profitable for us if we kept our cheap cake prices. Basically we would become like every other high priced cake shop/ bakery. So we decided that the Lord was leading us to a hiatus for now. It may come back sometime in the future, but for now we have one more cake this fall and we are done. So in tribute here is one last picture..........


melanie said...

BUMMER. I am so sorry about that. The cake is beautiful! Cant wait to see Sarahs! :)


Whitney Cantrell said...

I mean, this is so sad. Your cakes are absolutely beautiful! Maybe something will come up later on, and this is just not the right time. I hope so because you are incredibly gifted my friend:)

And you left a computer in the Morrow basement?! HAHA! I had no idea! That's too funny. And yes, so sad about the long lost china cabinet that somebody is probably really enjoying right now:(