Monday, July 07, 2008


So June/ July have been visitor month here at the Jones household. With my mom taking care of me after surgery, Aaron coming a week later, and my friends a week after that. Here are some pics of what all we did.

Went to Rocky Mtn Natnl Park, Robin documented her trip well, and I stole her pics:)

Weather was cool and creepy

There is little Michael way far off

My piano got some good use while my friends were in town:)

We got to go to New Belgium and do a free tasting

Here we are in David's world

Robin posing with 14,15 Dihydroxi Gelsinisene (sp???)

We also grilled out and went to the Drive-in. It gets pretty cold at night at the drive-in so sweatshirts were borrowed from me-- sorry Delta Sigma :)

Stay tuned for 4th of July pics and video!


Whitney Cantrell said...

I love us!! And I loved our visit sooooo much!! Can't wait for the sequal:)

Robin said...

haha LOVE the bloggy-blog! makes me sentimental :) can't wait to see you next month....luv u

Mom (Rhonda) said...

You girls look so good together! Hope you are well (end of July). Poor Michael had to tag along with three very pretty and chatty females. I am sure that he secretly loved it! Hey David, love the hat!