Thursday, July 24, 2008

The best weekend ever

This past weekend was probably one of the funnest weekends in our marriage. It started on Friday, when we went to The HuHot for dinner. David was wearing his Alabama hat, and as soon as our waiter came up to the table we got a "Roll Tide!". He explained that he was from Muscle Shoals (Musssholes-- said in one word if you are from there:) and he moved here when he was done with college to be by the mountains. He was full of fun down home conversation, and the dinner was great. After dinner we went to see Mama Mia, which we got great seats in because everyone and their grandpa was going to see The Dark Night last weekend! If you like Abba, you will like this movie. We had never seen the play, but we were really pleased. Who new the girl from Mean Girls could sing so well? There are a couple of dog poo type things but not enough to ruin the whole movie--- but it is pretty hilarious when Pierce Brosnan sings.

That would have been the end of the excitement of our weekend. David went to work on Sat and I actually didn't have to work that day. So I get a call at about 12:30, and David said he was coming home because he just couldn't be there on such a pretty day. So when he got home we spontaneously decided to go to the pool... but we weren't quite enticed enough by our city pool. So then we were like, we gotta go to Water World! It's the biggest water park in America. And it's truly a blast! They don't just have the typical water rides, they have theme park water rides where you are inside the whole time too. We got there right at 2 oclock when the cheap rates start and we had 4 hours to play. We had killer sunscreen, so we didn't get a bit burnt (with the exception of a couple sploches on David's chest:). We also got to ride 8 rides which was pretty amazing for how crowded it was and how late we got there.

After Water World, we got in the car and planned on grabbing a quick bite to eat in Denver and then go back to Fort Collins. Then David was like, let's go to Boulder! I must brag on my husband here for his spontinaiety. He is good at making things fun at the spur of the moment. We did Goog-411 if you don't use this it's extrememly helpful! (Just 1-800-goo-g411) We found a California Pizza Kitchen (yummy) and when we got there it was part of the 29th Street mall, the newest mall in Boulder (also the home of the only movie theater in Boulder, or so we were told). We ate, walked outside, and there was a Police cover band who were really good. We listened to them for a while and I spoted a Sephora (we don't have fancy places like that in Fort Collins, and I had been at water world all day so I was make-up-less)! So I dragged David in, and he felt very out of place. So I told him he could pick out anything in the store and I would put it on (for those who don't know Sephora is a huge make-up store and they have everything on sample). So I got blue eyeliner, green eyeshadow, glittery stuff, and other crazy things! Here is a pic of my eyes-- (I fixed em up a little bit after the blue eyeliner!) And please excuse the unkempt eyebrows, I am embracing my inner hippie:)
Then, since we were by the theater, we decided to go see Wall-E. Great movie! Ranks in our top 3 PIxar movies for now.

We had a blast, and thank God for everything working out so well. Also, David's chemistry is going really well right now, so thanks for your prayers!


Mom (Rhonda) said...

Dear David and Eryn,

An answer to prayer! Does a mom's heart good to see you guys "lighten-up" on purpose! Joy is a gift.

Mom (Rhonda)

melanie said...

looks (and sounds) like you guys had an absolute blast! That's awesome. Looking forward to seeing you in the not-too-distant future!


Maurine said...

Wow! What a fun weekend. I think David gets his spontaneity from his dad.

Can't wait to see you!