Sunday, September 14, 2008

At the Airport......

So we checked our fantasy teams (yes, thanks Aaron Henderson for roping me into fanatasy world) in the Orlando Airport before we left for our trip home, and I saw that the game between Baltimore and Houston had been cancelled. So I'm super bummed and on the plane to ATL, we realized I could still drop add if I had people who hadn't played yet (which I did:). So, happily, I get out the computer and see that internet access is $8! Which, as you probably can guess by this post, we paid!!!! So in efforts to feel justified in spending $8 to win a fantasy football game against my husband, I am writing a post from the Atlanta airport. Here are a few pics to whet your appitite for future posts. Eryn's Birthday, Sarah's wedding, and our Vacation are coming soon!
These are the niece and nephews....first one is of Daisy at a water fountain:)

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