Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah's Wedding Festivities

David's younger sister, Sarah, married Chris Nicholson on Sept 6th. We got to spend the week with all of David's family and we also made the cake. Yes, I say "we" because David was my very talented sous chef for the week. He was VERY helpful and I think he enjoyed himself a lot! Here are some pics.
Lingerie Shower, all the Jones/former Jones women:

Rehearsal Dinner (Hawiian Theme with AMAZING food!).....

The Wedding was at a Georgia Plantation Home, and even thought the train ran by at least three times during the wedding, the ceremony was sweet and beautiful
The House:

Sarah, Chris, and the flower girls and "ring bearers" even though the didn't exacty carry anything...still cute:

The whole wedding party:

Sweet Baby Isaac in his wedding attire:

The Reception:
The cakes.......was supposed to be a five tiered one, but that didn't quite work out:) Pretty satisfied with the final product, though

This is the Groom's Cake made by Chris' mom, Nana, and Grandpa: all the placed he has been to in Africa

They had a line dancing instructor come to the reception and teach us new line dances, afterward, we all did the electric slide and the cha-cha slide. I have to say that the award for the best dancer of the night went to David, surprisingly!

Trying to get this dance

The send off was set to giant sparklers...there they go.....

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Whitney Cantrell said...

Soooo pretty! I love it! Isaac is frickin adorable!!