Saturday, March 26, 2011


So David and I just finished (sort of) rearranging our entire house! If you remember the house post, you may know that our house is a little bit...let's just say- not typical. Since we have no hallways, we had to switch our room for the future kids room. We did this so that the child(ren) who come to live with us will have their own space and we would be able to shut their room door since the only door in the house was to our bedroom! So now, it somewhat makes sense to have them in the "back" room of the house- quieter and all.

For those of you who just flipped out at the mention of children (if you flipped out at the mention of any kid at all- please read here :), that is my main reason for this post. We are putting on our form that we are open to sibling groups (of no more than 2, of course). We just realized we have not yet leaked this information because we have been in a couple month long discussion on that topic.

I realized that we have come to terms with feeling really "led" to be open to having 2 children instead of 1, but I know that is an idea that takes getting used to. Believe me, we have thoroughly thought about so many different pros and cons. I felt the need to post this so that everyone we now can "get used to" the idea like we now are :)

So there you have it; David and I may go from a family of 2 to 4 very soon....maybe not. But if it does happen, we want to give you time to adjust to the idea and not have a heart attack when we introduce you to our children!

Besides being open to siblings, there is a list of about 3-4 pages of what we are willing/ definitely will not/ and are open to taking. This list includes everything from behavioral problems to severe medical and mental health problems. While we are not going to share our "list" with the world wide web, I will say that we are open to any race, any sex, and some other minor (in the grand scheme of things) issues the child or children may come to us with. We also stated that our "ceiling age" (meaning, the oldest child we will take) is 4.

If the language of all of this sounds kind of ugly to you; it does to us too! It feels weird to be "picking out features" of our future children. We like to look at it as though we are trying to best serve those that will be in our home, and to do that we have to search ourselves and know our limits. And, thankfully, being Christians and being OK with not being perfect, we are secure in our "limitedness" :)

We are excited! We are freaking out! And we are tired! That is the adoption update for now. We will keep you posted :)

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The Three of Us said...

I am so encouraged by the two of you. I will be praying for your family (meaning you, david and your future children).