Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Special Company

Whenever someone is coming over- family, friends, etc.- you tend to clean the house (either extra good or even at all :) and you want to make sure they have good eats. At least these are the two things I usually think about when having company over.

Well not this week! We have been painting, redecorating, deep spring cleaning out closets, giving stuff away, trying to come up with a yummy quick bread recipe, and so much more...all for our home study which means our home study social worker will be here on Friday! She is very special company. Special because whatever she puts in her report decides whether or not we will be parents soon. So she gets the five-star treatment :)


Rachel Ann said...

I've had several friends go through this process! I'll be praying for your home visit to go smoothly. =)

Anna said...

LOVE the pic!!