Friday, April 08, 2011

Home Study

Well, first we dealt with a little mishap:We were moving right along cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Then I thought, hey I haven't washed my bath mats in a while.... Well, apparently the washer and my bath mats had a fight and the bath mats a death match! So I quickly burried them in the trash and ran to Target to replace them. Those things can be expensive! Not that it mattered all that much. I think she just walked through the house in about 5 minutes and then we sat at the table for the rest of the time. She didn't even look in my refrigerator (why I expected someone to look in there- I do not know, but at least it, as well as the rest of the house, is clean and organized!:)

It went very well. I made this yummy orange cranberry sweet bread (healthy of course :)And we sat individually around the table and talked with her for about 45 minutes each.

She was really sweet and supportive. There were a couple of surprise questions like, "How did your parents do the sex talk?", and "What schools are near by?" First, I understand that they have to ask that question, but I was not expecting it (neither of us really remember that much about our birds and bees lessons anyways)! And I had no idea what school we are zoned for. But she didn't count off for not knowing. Then, after quickly looking it up on the internet, we found out that our school is about 1 mile away and all the Kindergarten teachers have their own blogs! When did teachers start doing blogs? I guess that's a good thing, but I'm picturing kids going wild, throwing paper airplanes and Mrs. Johnson saying, "just a minute, I need to get this post out!" :)

So, on to the next steps... which we found out aren't that many! We will have one more, our third and final, home study (actually @ Starbucks) on Friday....yes, this coming Friday April 15. Then we will just go over our report to make sure our details are accurate and hand her the remaining things we will do this week: medical evaluations, drug tests, and getting Davids verification of employment. She goes home and sends of the report within a week.

Once she sends it to the Atlanta Lutheran Services office, they take however long they need to take to let us know if we are "approved" or not. If we are, then they send off everything to the state (DFCS- Dept of Family and Children Services...the cool people call it took David a long time to figure out what people were talking about when they said D-fax this or D-fax that :)

Then when "D-Fax" has our info they begin the matching/ placement process. We are hoping all of this takes longer than at least a month and a week because my work is moving and I'm kind of helping with the move- which if you have ever moved a business, you know it's a BIG undertaking.

We know there are bound to be kinks in the flow of things, and maybe they might need a couple of unexpected documents. But that might be welcomed because things are goin fast! As usual we are a combo right now of extremely excited and a little bit terrified :)

We will keep you posted in the mean time!


Rachel Ann said...

Yay! I'll pray for Friday! I am totally living vicariously through your blog, I hope you don't mind. I so want to be in your fost-adopt shoes someday.

Elizabeth said...

Glad it went well! Can't wait to hear how next Fri goes!

Buddy and Maurine said...

So glad to hear all about it. Eryn, are you planning to continue working when you get a child?