Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card 2010!

Merry Christmas from the Jones' (we never really know if we want to say Jones', Joneses, or Jones Family??)

This year we decided to actually send out Christmas cards to family and friends we don't often see... so congrats to all you card receivers! We figured after 5 years of marriage we should send out something tangible at Christmas time in case someone wants to put us on their fridge :)

This year has been even more eventful that last year! We made move number 6 (in five years of marriage :).

David has been doing so well in school. He is always learning something new and exciting and sometimes I am amazed at how much knowledge he fits into his head. The other day my hip was hurting and he was like, "Oh, yeah, your ilium"....rather matter-of-factly! Maybe more people know what each hip bone is- but I sure don't, so I was impressed :)
Not only has David been going to school full time and doing well, he has a part time job as an online professor on the side. The last two quarters of this year he has taught 3 classes while taking 20+ hours at school! Yes, I am married to superman....I know- too sappy!

This year we started a garden (I will let David tell you the totals- he kept a tally of EVERYTHING that grew!)

Ok, David here. The totals for the garden were 97 tomatoes, 96 cherry tomatoes, 84 beans, 68 okra, 39 cucumbers, 29 peppers, 4 eggplant and 1 beet! The garden was so much fun, I really enjoyed it.
So now it's time for me to brag on Eryn. She is amazing. This year she finished her school (Master's in Counseling Psychology), and has started counseling for a center here in Atlanta. She is so good at it! She has already gotten several referrals and many people telling her how much she helped them. She really is a natural. Every time she tells me a little about some of her counseling techniques or her approaches, I am amazed at her wisdom and discernment about people.
So basically things are going really well for us right now. A couple of years ago (some of you may remember), our blog was a little....shall we say depressing. We were going through some hard times, and I felt like honesty was the best policy (although I'm not sure making-everyone-who-reads-your-blog-depressed is the best policy, but oh well). Well in the spirit of honesty, I must say that God has blessed us tremendously over the last two years, and has taken us from a very difficult position of poor health and a toxic working situation (for me), to a place of rest and peace. We are both really excited about where He is leading us, and I think we appreciate it all the more due to the hard times (I'm sure many others out there can relate). God taught us so much in the bad times, and now is teaching us so much in the good times. And that's the goal right? Not to have good times instead of bad, but to grow closer to him no matter what (learned that lesson from Daniel).
Thanks for reading and caring about us everyone, we love all of you! And Merry Christmas!


Buddy and Maurine said...

God has truly blessed you! Mom

melanie said...

I'm going to try and not be jealous of those who GOT a card. :( Surely we will get one when we see you at Christmas? Please? :) JK (sort of) you all look great. Praise God for his many blessings!

Mark Saunders said...

I read your blog mua ha ha ha a ...

The Three of Us said...

Tim and I are so happy for you guys and the blessings of the past two years.
I'm also a little jealous of David's garden...I keep telling myself one of these days I will start one.