Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving we were in good ole Memphis Tennessee (and McLemoresville :). My mom graciously came down and stayed the weekend before so I could ride back with her since David and I had to come separately (he had school til Wed.)

The Tuesday before, Mom, Grandma, and I got to have a fun shopping time together along with a visit to the Tea Room

Here we are sipping our tea :)

Thanksgiving we went to Granny's and apparently I only got shots of us and Caitlin!

Saturday after Thanksgiving we had "Christmas", which really turned into David and Eryn opening a bunch of gifts (because everyone else only had our gifts to open :). We had fun and felt very blessed! The house was all Christmasy. In fact, Grandma "let" (we had to twist her arm she really wanted to do it all by herself ;) David, mom, and me decorate her tree. It was a fun tree to decorate- the kind where you need a ladder to put on some ornaments (it felt very movie like :)

Whole Family Pic

A couple of funnies from the night:

This mountain-o-santas was made at dinner. These little guys are my Grandma's napkin rings. Uncle Bryan kept piling them on and they were still standing here at the end of the night.

The above was best explained by mom as David double-dipping Alabama....yes he still sported his Bama gear even after the great loss!

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