Sunday, December 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year we drove down to Ocala, FL. David's brother, Daniel, took David to Sarasota, FL for the National Ultimate Frisbee Championships. David LOVES Ultimate (I think I may have mentioned that before ;) and he said that this was up there in his all time favorite birthday gifts.

I stayed in Ocala with Melanie. Let me just take a minute to congratulate any mom who goes out in public with more than two (or one for that matter!) children at a time. You all deserve a round of applause, how bout a standing ovation (is anyone else singing that Rihanna song in their heads right now?)....I digress!
We had a full weekend of Fall Festivaling, church, the mall, cookie making, etc. And I must say it wore me out! But in a good way :) I have some really neat nieces and nephews and they are a blast to hang out with. Can't wait till Christmas to see more of Jon David, Luke Jombers, and sweet baby Caleb.

Daisy and Isaac are very well behaved kids. Daisy is super helpful to Mel and she was so much fun to hang out with.... she even helped me pick out what shoes to wear to church :) She loves to give shortened names for things (which is very Jones of her) like Mimimo (grandma) is not Mims. So through out the weekend she went from "Aunt Er" to just "Aunt" by Sunday!
Isaac and I had some good bonding time on Friday when Uncle David left him with the impression that maybe all aunts and uncles are as energetic and rambunctious as David! He soon learned that I was not near as fun; however, we had fun at the park playing hide and go seek.
And Colbie is just a sweet happy, happy baby. I was telling Maurine the other day that I only saw her cry once all weekend and that was when she wanted to eat!

If you want more of this weekend go to Mel's post.

Sweet Daisy (as Jesse from Toy Story 2 & 3) and Isaac (as Lightning McQueen's pit crew)

I LOVE Isaac's face here....classic :)

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